Amatones Music was created 1998 as an independent production company specialising in the production of records for Sony, Capital, EMI, Ichiban and several independent labels. By 2000, I began lending my production skills, as well as my composition and arranging chops, to film and TV. It was in 2005, in addition to production chores, I began teaching piano and production. (Also see

I have had a wonderful career in music. I've travelled the world performing and have been part of history making records as a producer and a performer. I feel I would never have achieved any of this without some very wonderful teachers and mentors along the way. Their patience, understanding and ability to communicate their knowledge inspired me, and continues to do so today. I try to emulate all these qualities in both my teaching and with artists I am fortunate enough to produce. I don't take your trust in me lightly, be it as a student or as an artist.


My approach to teaching piano is simple. The primary goal is to have fun and enjoy the experience of making and creating music. Whether you are interested in pursuing a career in music or just wanting to add a bit of a creative outlet in your life, I'd love to help you.

My specialties include jazz, r&b, and pop piano styles. I do teach a little classical but primarily to beginners only. My curriculum is simple. I try to teach you what it is YOU want to know and that which fit your needs. There are some fundamentals that we all must learn, but typically I can have you playing a song your first lesson. As you progress, you will be able to learn to play songs on your own and interpret simple chord charts with melody. 

For those students who already actively play, I can help hone your skills, offer performance, recording and studio tips and techniques. 


I also offer one on one production mentoring. You will learn the differences in film, TV and music (record) production. Some basic keyboard skills are covered and I also go into the fundamentals of music theory; all of which are designed to help you in creating your music. Knowing how to arrange strings or horns can make all the difference in your productions. Creative arrangements can help your music "flow" better as well. We'll discuss the overwhelming amount of choices regarding technology to wade through. Each DAW, VST, plug-in has it strengths and weaknesses depending on your production goal and style. All of this along with learning the art of layering sounds will help you to create that "fat" sound like the pros. Everything you learn will be covered as we take one of your songs from demo to mix!


Your lessons are given in my pre-production studio in my home. I teach on a studio upright. If you are taking production classes, then see the list of gear below.

My space is tidy but not always immaculate. I am a working musician and often have several projects juggling at once. There is room for 2 to 3 others in addition to the student. My living room is always available and wi-fi ready for those who wait on a student. More than ample parking is available at any time. 


adult, beginner, child, jazz, r&b, pop, EDM,modern, film scoring, sequencing, notation

  • STUDIO GEAR (pre-production only)

Cubase 11 DAW
Sibelius Notation Software and Musescore
 Arturia Key Lab MKII 88 Controller                                      
full array of VST instruments & effect plug-ins for commercial recording (Waves, Spectrasonics, Kontakt Ultimate Composer Cloud, etc) 


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