Fred R.
"I want to keep taking lessons from Buzz for the rest of my life!"
So said my 10 year old son after his first lesson with Buzz. The same kid who had been begging to quit taking piano lessons with his former teacher situation.
Buzz is a master of "following the student's inspiration." Rather than force a lesson sequence out of a book, Buzz observes the student's own thinking about the music experience and tailors fun learning objectives within or close to the student's inspiration. As a result, my son is much more willing to practice, and has recently "composed" his own piece of music, learned about different styles, and absorbed an impressive amount of music theory. Buzz is highly recommended for any student who has musical aptitude, but requires the right motivation and inspiration.


Alexis LS.

"Buzz is an excellent teacher and brings real world music experience into his instruction. As a touring musician, producer, song writer, and arranger, Buzz has an understanding of practical application. When I perform, I am always looking for ways to play smarter, and Buzz always helps with that. He will break down music theory in a way that makes sense and that I can apply to my own playing on gigs and in rehearsal sessions. Buzz is a tremendous teacher for beginners (I have watched him give lessons to young students and he is excellent) , but if you are an experienced player and are just looking to get better, working with Buzz will get you there. I promise you'll play better after one lesson!"

Aaron P.

"The lessons (piano & music theory) I learned from Buzz Amato was the sole reason I got signed to a label & was able to produce 2 Billboard charted singles (which he co-produced with me). I now tour the world djing and produce with talented artists that come to me based off my musical knowledge, that I received from Buzz. I can honestly say NONE of this would happen without the musical instruction of Buzz. Thank you Buzz!

Leslie K.

 "So, Buzz is pretty much the best! I’m an adult with a full-time career and no musical background, and I've been looking around off and on for years to find a teacher who wasn't stuffy and was open to a non-traditional student with a semi-crazy work-life schedule. Buzz is patient, flexible, and really breaks down the lessons in ways that make sense to my logical thinking. I always walk away feeling that I learned something new and excited to learn more, which I feel is the biggest testament to his teaching skills. His expertise in music theory has really inspired me to do more than simply learn how to read music, too, and I have no doubt that I’ll be taking lessons with him for a long time to come. Plus he’s hilarious, so that helps."


Dynara W.

"Buzz is a really great teacher! I enjoy learning how to play the piano with him because he is patient, understanding, and talented. I'm very happy to have chosen Buzz as my teacher and would definitely recommend him to any students looking to learn to play piano!"


Diana J.

"After one of my daughter lessons, she stated "it was like he believed in me." Buzz is a positive non-judgmental teacher. He is concerned about finding the best way to teach you. He is very patient. He has a way of making students feel comfortable and motivated in a safe learning environment.
Buzz is a brilliant musician with professional etiquette that surpasses most teachers."


David N.

"After 3 lessons with Buzz, I am making multi track recordings at my home . Buzz's expertise in Cubase 5 has been essential. Buzz's cat G is pretty cool as well."


Fabi L.

"Very happy with lessons and teaching style. Buzz is a great guy and knows a lot about music. Has a modern approach to teaching and also up to date with music in the web world."


Kaatib O.

"I've been working with Buzz for a few months now and here are a couple words that come to mind when I think of him... knowledgeable..friendly...and most importantly patient. He's genuinely a good dude and easy to work with. This was my first attempt at private lessons, on top of that having very little prior knowledge of piano, Buzz broke it all down for me. He's the guy you want your search ends!"


Ken M.

"I'm a complete beginner on the piano, and within a matter of a few lessons Buzz had me playing 3 or 4 songs. Not only that, but i learned much about how songs are put together, which made me listen to music differently and deepened my enjoyment of what I was listening to.
True to his word, Buzz asked me what I wanted out the lessons and then delivered."


Steve M,

"I was a beginner when I started out on piano 2 years ago. Buzz's knowledge and patience allowed me too actually start playing piano with as live band! I still take piano and I've learned a lot of theory along the way. If you are looking for some one with patience and dedication, Buzz is your man! His cat is pretty cool too!"


Shirley Q.

"As a novice piano playing student, I was introduced to reading music as well as playing the piano by Buzz , a great pianist and instructor. I would be remiss if I did not share how wonderful my piano lessons have been under the many talents Buzz offers as a piano instructor. His ability to convey concepts/theories of piano playing into understandable and applicable practice has made my learning experience enjoyable. Buzz is a good listener, very patient and observant, and acquires an innate gift to teach piano playing in ways that encourage me to continue my lessons. Buzz is a highly skilled piano instructor."